Unlearning is The New Learning

I’m learning there are still paths of growth and discovery I need to cross. I’m learning to view each day as an opportunity to get better. And I’ve been taught recently that unlearning is the new learning.

Unlearning is teaching me that doing the little things does not mean a lot – it means everything. Who we become tomorrow always depends on what we do today. Nobody ever thinks they’re the problem, and that is the problem. The problem is never merely a problem. The problem is our attitudes about the problem. We tend to act first on emotions, then justify those actions with logic. The greatest and most challenging obstacle we will ever have to overcome is our mind.

Unlearning is showing me that Everyone wishes to be acknowledged and appreciated for who they are as individuals. Unlearning is showing me that we need to surround ourselves with others who will challenge our way of thinking. We require change to unlearn and change requires new ways of thinking and doing. We (I) must not allow our possessions to define our self-worth. What we do matters more than what we say or believe.

Through unlearning – I’m realizing life’s ultimate contest is You versus You. The reality of You versus You is the toughest fight of our lives. We (I) must prioritize our mental and physical fitness. To unlearn we must learn that good health is a blessing that should be cherished. All positive change starts with self-awareness. Being alive means we are participating in something truly sacred. What happens between birth and death is what really counts. We can cultivate a brand new ending if we are willing to change.

I’ve learned to let what I do be an expression of who I am.

By Brian Nadon


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