Be Happy; or Be Very Happy

One of life's most significant challenges is to be or not to be. Over the last year, I have spent taking a true and false test. I have had to conduct a reflective personal audit of my life while examining and challenging my beliefs. Today, I have come to realize so much of our lives …

What do Cycling, EMDR Therapy, and PTSD Have in Common?

Through the simple act of listening to music or drums shifting from your right to left ear, a memory that at one point was charged with emotion can become less distressing. During the process, a rhythmic association can arise, providing positive responses to negative memories of thoughts. With support, this process can facilitate lasting or ongoing healing.

Visiting Specialized Bikes Corporate Office

South of San Francisco, in the heart of cycling country, you’ll find Morgan Hill and the home of Specialized Bicycle Components. The Specialized headquarters houses three buildings and 400 plus employees, plus this cool guy - Mike Sinyard, founder and chairman of Specialized Bicycle Components. I have to say, arriving at Specialized and being welcomed …

Rainy Days – Touring

There was plenty of food and water to wait out the weather. Plus my phone, laptop and power bank were all at full charge. I was comfortable right where I was. Or was I?