11,000 km’s – 24 States – A World of Graditude

What we do together, our message we share, the love we receive, the uniqueness of our tour is only possible because of you. Thank you to everyone who allows us to listen, learn, and offer our message to gain trust within a battered community. You make our world better by being you and Ginger and …

Dear eleven-year-old Brian

The hardest battle you will have to fight is to live in a world where every single day someone is trying to make you be a person you do not want to be. Other people’s expectations, opinions, and validation of you will consume a large part of your life. Be mindful and...

Visiting Specialized Bikes Corporate Office

South of San Francisco, in the heart of cycling country, you’ll find Morgan Hill and the home of Specialized Bicycle Components. The Specialized headquarters houses three buildings and 400 plus employees, plus this cool guy - Mike Sinyard, founder and chairman of Specialized Bicycle Components. I have to say, arriving at Specialized and being welcomed …

The Life of Ginja-Ninja

My second favorite thing is swimming. I’m very good at it. The BEST they say... Sometimes I can do it all day. When we are cycling it can be difficult to sit patiently until we reach our next swimming hole but

Rainy Days – Touring

There was plenty of food and water to wait out the weather. Plus my phone, laptop and power bank were all at full charge. I was comfortable right where I was. Or was I?