Leave Footprints of Kindness

Change can feel uncomfortable and nerve-racking. But it is needed to evolve and for newness to emerge in our lives. I am still a works in progress. Discovering what you were born to do requires trial and error. Without mistakes, there is neither learning or innovation. Life is about being your best, not being better …

Thank You From The Vatic Foundation

Hello Friends, This past year, we have cycled the USA coast to coast, touring 12,000km's through 24 states providing Ptsd and Complex-Ptsd awareness. We have doubled our social media outreach and tripled our online community. It is an exciting time! Thank YOU for being a vital part of our community, which does not work without …

Dedicated To Everyone Who Supports – Change

Many of us have become a prisoner of other people's expectations. We can spend our entire lives searching for love instead of loving the person that yearns for it the most, ourselves. The most valuable things you can give to the world are yourself, your talents, your skills, your wisdom, and

Regrets – We Don’t Need Them

We can never let what we are good at limit our possibilities to explore the outer depths of who we are. Never stop wondering what is next and how you will get there. Spend your life living, not merely existing. Excellence is about being...

The Life of Ginja-Ninja

My second favorite thing is swimming. I’m very good at it. The BEST they say... Sometimes I can do it all day. When we are cycling it can be difficult to sit patiently until we reach our next swimming hole but

Rainy Days – Touring

There was plenty of food and water to wait out the weather. Plus my phone, laptop and power bank were all at full charge. I was comfortable right where I was. Or was I?